Why every party needs a photo booth

Planning a party can quickly evolve from a fun task to an expensive, time consuming, nail biting and downright stressful chore. First there’s the venue, the food, the decor, the theme, the guest list, the dress code and wait for it . . . . . . . . . . .  the entertainment!

Now imagine a party with all of the above minus the entertainment. You have a one of a kind venue, the theme is a hit, the food is to die for, everyone looks immaculate, but what are they supposed to do? There’s only so much chit chat you can shovel in to fill the time while everyone asks what are we all here for? In a nutshell, parties are meant to be fun! Throw a party with none of the above, book a photo booth from Snap Shack Photobooth Hire and you are guaranteed it will be the highlight not just because it’s the only thing to do, it’s incredibly entertaining!

Now we aren’t saying don’t hire a DJ or a Band, we all need a bit of music to mellow the mood. Our photo booths allow your guests to take a break from dancing all night to the wee hours, instead grab a friend or a few and head on over to the props table. Guests can dawn themselves in all sorts of dapper hats, glasses, mustaches etc then hop into the photo booth to carry out whatever odd shenanigans that take your fancy. Guests can collect prints instantly in less than 15 seconds from our state of the art printers.

You will be amazed at the quality of our equipment and lighting producing fantastic images and prints to give your guests that confidence boost and encourage them to have the time of their lives. Whether you are planning a party for the young or old or everything in between we guarantee that our photo booths are a success with all ages and we promise they will be coming back for more. Our hires are also very cost effective as you can choose from a range of photo booths, a specific hire duration and include any additional extras you feel will complete your party.

Which one to choose?

For those party’s that are a little more tame than your typical night out, our Traditional photo booth is perfectly elegant and discrete allowing your guests to sneak away into the booth to take some cheeky photo’s and break out of their shell producing unique images and prints they would otherwise have never taken. If you are having a gathering of old friends or colleagues that you haven’t seen in a while our photo booths act as a perfect icebreaker while an additional extra such as one of our high quality guestbooks allows your old friends to leave a copy of their prints and a lovely message in the guestbook, this is a lovely and novel keepsake that could make your night complete.

If you have a special theme for your party our custom print design capabilities are perfect at conveying any image or text allowing you to complete your theme and remind everyone in years to come where those awesome photo’s were taken. You can have your party photo booth inside or out, in a small venue or a castle, our photo booths are incredibly portable, simply contact ustoday for a quote, you will be amazed at what we can do.

Tailor your own unique package

To really get the most out of your hire we allow you to tailor a package that best suits your party, whether it’s a lovely guestbook, our bespoke USB drive, a custom print design or maybe some extra prints the main thing we urge you to remember is have fun and cherish the memories! That’s what parties are all about so at the very least if you book a booth you are on the road to success. Your guests will be waiting in line, planning their poses and eager to have fun, or they will be tagging along with a partner, peer pressured into a public display of tomfoolery only to discover they absolutely love the thrill and excitement of the photo booth, rushing to be first in line for their next session.

The fun doesn’t stop once the party is over! If your guests can remember what happened the previous the night they will be searching to see that perfect pose or your guests will be waking up with no recollection only to have their friends beating them to the punch and sharing their hilarious pictures with everyone from the night before. Your party will be the talk of the month and we guarantee we know what the highlight will be.

Parties bring people together and so does laughter. That is why our photo booths are the perfect entertainment service for your party, allowing you to capture all of your distant and close friends and relatives in a perfect moment that will remain timeless forever. The quality of our images means they will be awed over for years to come and your free online gallery plus options for our bespoke USB drive and extra prints assure you that your memories are secured for generations to come. A massive success with the young and old, Snap Shack Photobooth Hire will be the highlight of any party, we guarantee exceptional quality and value when you book our photo booth. Simply enquire today to confirm the availability of your date, fingers crossed, you might have just made the best decision this year!

Photo Booth Hire for Weddings

If you’ve been to a good few weddings in recent times you might have seen a strange new trend. Many couples are now going for a photo booth hire to add some quirkiness to the day’s celebrations. Why? Photo booth hire for weddings is fun and creates many impromptu memorable moments as the festivities get under way and continue into the night.

Here are just a few reasons why you should hire one for your wedding:

It’s Fun, Fun, Fun!

Weddings are a day of great celebration, a time for friends and family to come together as the happy couple embark on their new life together. A photo booth can give everyone an opportunity to have fun, take memorable photos together and keep the copies as a memento of the day. You can fit a couple of people in comfortably and 5 at a good squeeze. Pull funny faces, look serious, wave at the camera – you can even run a competition and pin up everyone’s picture to see who can make the zaniest photo booth wedding picture.

Need a Quirky Wedding Favour? Try Photo Booth Hire for Weddings

It’s often the custom to give guests a wedding favour for attending – a little gift to thank them for supporting you and joining in the celebrations. A good way of doing this is to install a photo booth so that guests can take a personal photo of them on the wedding day. Friends who haven’t seen each other in a while will absolutely love it. So will mums and dads. In fact, it’s a great way to create a memory of the occasion from the very you to those in their later years.

It’s More Informal

Creating a wedding photo album is becoming more personal nowadays. We seem to have moved away from the traditional photographer who wonders around recording the event. With the rise of great digital cameras, couples often create pictures from guests and use them to create a photo album. Putting in a photo booth for your wedding can add something a little different from the normal snap shot. You can even get your guests to write on the photos as a more informal way of creating a guest book.

Personalise Your Wedding Photo Booth Hire

It’s doesn’t have to be a straight photo booth hire with a dull background. You can personalise it for your big day – introduce some fancy dress items, put personalised messages onto the print outs, even add the photos that are taken to your own Facebook page. There are plenty of ways in which you can make a photo booth hire even more fun for your guests.

You can hire your photo booth for the wedding and have it delivered just an hour before the ceremony starts. A professional photo booth operator can be on hand all that time to make sure that nothing goes wrong. Then, when the festivities are finished, the photo booth is taken away and you’re left with some great memories. All we need is a plug socket and a space to set up the photo booth – the rest is up to the imagination of your guests. 

Photo Booth Hire for Corporate Events

Corporate events don’t have to be dull affairs. In fact, it’s a good idea to make your stand or conference space as exciting as possible. How do you attract people to your brand? What’s the best way to entertain your potential customers when you’re busy with someone else? How can you stay in the mind of visitors when there is so much competition around?

The solution is simple: photo booth hire for corporate events. It’s great for exhibitions, conferences, road shows, product launches and awards ceremonies to name just a few. Wherever you have a bunch of people and need to get them engaged, a photo booth is perfect. 

Keep Visitors Entertained

At any busy corporate event, people wonder around looking for something to catch their attention. If there are a lot of stalls and competition, it can be difficult to stand out. Installing a photo booth is quirky, interesting and actually invites people onto your stall. They can squeeze into the booth together, snap away and get a fun souvenir that also reminds them of your business or product. Corporate events don’t have to be dull when you have a photo booth. 
If you are busy talking to a group of customers and some more people come up to your stand or section, then having a photo booth can keep them entertained and stop them moving away and being lost in the crowd while you are otherwise engaged.

Branding Your Photo Booth

You can take the option to tailor your corporate photo booth to reflect you company brand. That means it will fit in with the surrounding décor and people will realise it’s there for them to use. Branding is important, as every business knows. A little extra effort and an eye catching design can drag people to your corporate stand – it’s one of those things that attracts the attention and brings people in to see what’s going on, especially if there’s already a buzz around the photo booth.

The Perfect Souvenir

Photo booth hire for a corporate event gives your visitors the perfect souvenir. It’s simple, easy to do and is unique to each person that uses it. Businesses often struggle with new and exciting things to give out on their stands, so having a photo booth is a good idea. You can even add your logo onto the photos so that people don’t forget you!

Keep it Fun and Memorable

If you want to make your corporate event more memorable, you have to have something different. A photo booth is the perfect solution. For example, if you have a corporate event in a hotel where you’re giving out awards, most people will be looking around for something interesting to do once the ceremony has taken place. Giving them a little extra fun with a photo booth can help keep the celebration more exciting and make it fun. 

A photo booth for a corporate event is a great way to add something interesting and engaging that everyone will remember. They get to take away a great souvenir and you can even add in your own branding. You can hire a photo booth for 3 or 4 hours for a hotel event or over several days for something like a conference, exhibition or product launch.
It makes perfect sense if you want to promote your business in a more unusual but effective way.


How to make corporate events more fun

Do your employees currently roll their eyes and sigh heavily whenever the words ‘company training day’ or ‘team building exercise’ are mentioned? If so, you might need to come up with a new strategy to get your team to engage with essential corporate events and make them actually want to attend. 

Therefore, it makes sense for any company to experiment by injecting a bit of fun into corporate events. Not only will attendees be more engaged and interested, it will have benefits for the brand and business too.


Hire a photo booth

Perfect for trade and promotional events, photo booths have a range of real benefits. In addition to entertaining both employees and guests, our photo booth customisation optional extras enable you to add full branding to the exterior to suit any event.

What’s more, photo booth customisation extends inside too, as everyone who enters can leave with a unique and novel business card. Pictures can also be uploaded to your company social media feeds.


Change the venue or environment

If you use the same venue year after year, it might be time for a change. Think outside the box and choose a more exciting and unusual venue, such as a funky art space or museum, a camp in the forest or maybe a large marquee if it’s a big corporate event.T he surroundings of an event will effect and influence everyone’s mood. So if your corporate function is taking place in an emotionless office, employees and guests will probably feel rather impassive too.

Carefully mull over your choice of venue and try to make it as enjoyable as possible. Think outside of the box for team building exercises such as camping or put up a marquee in the countryside.


Introduce a theme

Functions or events with a particular theme will be well received by guests, while members of staff are bound to find it amusing too. It can be related to the business or something completely random.

Perhaps ask your employees what kind of theme they would prefer and take a vote. By being original and out of the ordinary, more people will take notice of the brand’s funky, light-hearted and people-focused attitude.


Use social media

Along with images from a customised photo booth, your employees and guests can post their own pictures and updates on social media to generate hype, interest and excitement.

Come up with a hashtag to let attendees know how they can get involved and re-visit your preferred networks afterwards to see whether it was a success. This kind of activity can increase brand awareness and improve online reputations.

Even though the thought of a corporate function isn’t very appealing or thrilling, there are a number of ways you can stir up some exuberance, hilarity and fun.

Put some thought into getting the look and feel of your imagery and brand projection right and you will reap the rewards of your new found social media focus. Photo booth customisation is just one step along the way to brand stardom!

Happy customers make us happy!

On Saturday last week we provided a Photo Booth for Michael and Jessica's engagement party in Bishops Stortford. It was held at the local football club, and was a brilliant night! Everyone these was having a great time, the DJ was playing some brilliant tunes and to be honest, we were having such a great time swell, it hardly felt like working really :) 

A couple of days afterwards Jessica posted this to our Facebook page: 


Jessica Wright‎ -> Snap Shack Photobooth Hire

Thank you to the Snap Shack team for making our engagement party last Saturday! All our guests loved it and it definitely added something extra special to the party. I would recommend Snap Shack to anyone and will be booking for my wedding, great photos and lots of fun!


We cannot tell you how happy it makes us when we get messages like this from happy customers, it really does make our day :) We like to think that our customer service and attention to details is what sets us apart, and to have recognition of this is just great!

So if you are looking for a PhotoBooth run by people that really do care that you have a good time and enjoy the booth for the fun giving experience it should be, then get in touch now!  

Welcome to Snap Shack Photobooth Hire!

Hello and Welcome to Snap Shack Photobooth Hire! 

We are a family run business specialising in Photobooth hire for special occasions. We at Snap Shack have always had a keen interest in photography, and a love of fancy dress, so blending the two together, we think brings a whole new fun angle to parties! 

It is incredibly fun cramming all your friends and family into the snap shack for a photo and can have some hilarious outcomes, especially when gran goes crazy for some air guitar whilst cousin fred dons a fez! 

If you'd like to add a hint of craziness to your party get in contact today to discuss your photobooth needs!